One Faith Boutique: A Curvy Fashion Boutique Supporting Christian Women

One Faith Boutique is on two missions: to share our love of fashion and to spread our love of Christ. Our women’s trendy clothing boutique is dedicated to bringing the latest fashions for the modern Christian woman, no matter where her life takes her. Whether you’re headed to work, getting ready to hit the gym, or dressing up for church, we have something for everyone.

Stylish Selections for Every Woman

At OFB, we know that women come in all shapes and sizes. We’re dedicated to providing cute, affordable pieces to women with all body types, to ensure you’re comfortable no matter what the occasion is!

It’s easy to start browsing for options in your size. We’ve broken things down into two handy categories: sizes 4-12 and sizes 12 and up, so you can easily find your next cute outfit!

Wide Variety in Pretty Patterns

As a women’s trendy clothing boutique, we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest in fashion. These are clothes for the Christian woman who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, without breaking the bank.

At OFB, we love variety, and that’s why we don’t stock a lot of the same item. Instead, we offer each piece in a wide range of fun patterns, so you can find the design that really speaks to you. Make sure you act fast if you see something you love - since stock is limited, things can sell out quickly!


Faith Fashion Boxes

Have you ever wished that someone would put together your outfits for you? With our new Faith Fashion Boxes, your wish is our command! Our curated boxes include some of our favorite pieces at a discounted prices. For a complete look, we even have boxes that include matching accessories.

Our faith fashion boxes come in a variety of sizes, just like all of our clothes. To make it easy to find your fit, you can shop our size-exclusive boxes. How many other women’s trendy clothing boutiques will do that?

Christian T-Shirt of the Month

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably always looking for new ways to show your love for God. At OFB, we found a fun solution with our T-Shirt of the Month Club. Each month, we create a unique new design based on our favorite verses from the Bible. If you join today, you’ll get a fun new t-shirt delivered to you for just $22 per month!

We’re excited and blessed to welcome you into the OFB family. Browse our entire curvy fashion boutique collection today, and we promise you’ll find a lot to love.