$10 Shoes

$10 Shoes!

Here’s a list of things that can brighten up anyone’s day: lava cake, kittens, frothy bath bombs, and shoes on sale! We’re happy to brighten up your day with our $10 shoe section, which offers a combination of shoes previously worn by One Faith Boutique models and shoes that we have in accumulated overstock. The shoes come only in limited sizes, so check out ourregular shoes page for great shoes on sale if your size isn’t represented here!

These $10 shoes are just as cute, sturdy, and comfy as the rest of our shoes on our site. So go ahead, treat yourself to a new pair of stylish shoes. You’ll open up a whole new world of outfit combinations!

Pre-Worn Models’ Shoes

We stock shoes sized 8.5 - 9 that have been lightly worn by our models, who wore them mostly on indoor shoots. Some have been worn on outdoor shoots but all shoes are only slightly used. Maybe you’ve seen some of these styles in our product pics before and found them cute. Now’s your chance to snatch up a pair for only $10!

Note that all pre-worn models’ shoes will not include a shoe box, as they are pre-worn. They are also non-returnable and non-refundable.

Brand New Overstock Shoes

We also have an overabundance of certain shoes in sizes 5 - 6.5 so we’ve put those shoes on sale, too. If you have feet in one of those sizes, you’re in luck. The low price of $10 for brand new shoes is unbeatable, and we’re proud to offer it to you! Who knew there was such a large benefit to having small feet?

Unlike the pre-worn shoes, these shoes are in brand new condition, so they will be delivered to you in their original shoe box.

A Fun, Wide Variety

Since our pre-worn $10 shoes come from our various photoshoots, there is a wide variety available. OFB is always on-trend, colorful, and varied, and these shoes are completely in line with those characteristics.

It’s never too early to prepare your wardrobe for upcoming seasons. Find cute booties for fall and winter or strappy wedges for summer. If you’re looking to broaden the variety of your shoes closet, we’ve also got you covered. Whether you’re looking for athletic sneakers, casual slip-ons or boho sandals, there’s a style here for you.

Shop Shoes On Sale

If you’re anything like us, then cute feminine $10 shoes are your happy place. They can top off a great outfit and make you feel great every time you look down.

The beauty of sale items is that they are a great way to expand your style options without breaking the bank. You can avoid buying expensive shoes by shopping our shoes on sale. Buy something that’s uniquely you or try something entirely new today!