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Your home is where your heart is, where you rest and relax with your loved ones, and where some of your best memories will be made. So it needs to be an environment that reflects your personality, as well as inspires you and brings you closer to your faith. For this reason, One Faith Boutique’s home goods section is thoughtfully curated to contain items that are fun, funky, faithful, and fulfilling. Explore our collection today and find the pieces you need to make your home feel complete.

Display Your Memories

There’s nothing better than reminiscing about your favorite memories with the people you love. And nothing promotes reminiscence more than beautifully displayed photographs! That’s why our home goods boutique contains fun and memorable ways for you to display the best times of your life. Find frames with quotes and other fun ways to show off your pictures in style.

Reflect Your Faith

Your faith is personal, and incredibly important to how you live your life. We’ve included God-focused wall art pieces in our home goods boutique so you can leave little reminders of how much God loves you all over your house. Whether it’s quotes from the Bible or simple sayings about the importance of your faith, you’re sure to find a piece that really resonates with you and your personal approach to your faith. Display your love of Christ and His message loud and proud!

Show Your Personality

Homes are like a blank canvas for you to paint your personalities all over. That’s why our home goods boutique includes fun, inspiring, and quirky ways for you to exhibit what makes your family special. These pieces can serve as reminders of what’s really important in life, of what you value and hold dear, and of your sense of humor!

Get the Perfect Gift

Searching for a gift for your friends or family? Look no further than our home goods collection! If you find something that you think is perfect for your own home, you’re definitely going to find something perfect for your friends and family. Whether it’s a coffee mug with a fun or inspiring quote, a delicious-smelling candle or wax melt, or a faith-affirming piece of wall art, we have amazing options for you to choose from. Make gift shopping easy with One Faith Boutique!

Find It All At Our Home Goods Boutique

One Faith Boutique really does have it all - while you’re searching for the perfect outfit or wardrobe refresh, you can shop for fun and inspiring pieces to decorate your home. And on top of that, every purchase you make with us means another contribution to amazing charities like My Stuff Bags, a charity that serves abused and neglected children placed in foster care by providing hope, comfort, and new belongings. Learn more about the life-changing and important charities we donate to on our About Us page.

Just like our collection of the latest fashion, our home goods collection heavily curated and regularly updated to bring you pieces we know you’ll love!