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Mom Essentials!

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Have you ever met a mom who just seems to have everything completely together? Never late, always looks great, with a completed check list all the time?! Yeah, we have too! These moms have inspired us all here at One Faith! We thought, what are some things that these moms use on a daily basis that we could share with other moms? Since we are all family here at One Faith Boutique, we have asked some of our admirable mothers if we can share their secrets with you! Are you ready? Lyndzee, Chesney, and Tess have compiled a few of their favorite mom essentials to share with you!

1. My calendar - I'm juggling my kids' activities and mine, so if it's not there then it won't get done! I just use the calendar on my iPhone and set reminders!
2.  Pinterest - I LOVE getting new ideas for meals and ways to organize my home.
3.  Amazon Prime - This is where I order my household necessities like paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, detergent, etc. Also, I just used Amazon pantry for food items and it was GREAT!

1. Babywipes - In my purse and every car! At home we have them in the kids room and living room. Everywhere!!
2. Concealer - It may be vein…but I feel like I mom so hard when I look great!!
3. Lint roller - Kids are gross. They get you and themselves dirty. My lint roller is a must for my mom uniform of black and my baby girls black pea coat. Just throw it in my tote and I’m good to go!
4.  My 31 Utility Tote - We have one in each car and it holds those baby wipes, extra set of clothes, toys, snacks, tissues, pull ups.. literally everything!

1. Time for ME - It's so vital to take a time out as a parent to regroup, relax, refresh, and de-stress! For me, this usually means a pedicure or meeting friends for dinner.
2. Coffee - I'm new to drinking coffee and now I feel like I just can't live without it in the morning. That first sip is pure bliss in the morning. Sometimes I have a cup at night too!
3.  My Crockpot - Seriously, this makes meals so easy. I'm sure most moms already utilize their crockpots on a regular basis, but I would truly be lost without mine. Pinterest has great quick and easy Crockpot recipes too!

We hope at least one of these mom must-haves is new to you, and will help you be the best mom you can be! We  can all appreciate another mom's tips and tricks, that's for sure!

God Bless! 
- Elli

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