The Better Choice

Posted by Lara on 20th Jun 2017

As a mother of 4, business owner, member of my amazing church, and owner of a very lived-in house, I stay so very, very, very busy!  I'm betting most every woman can relate.There is always someon … read more

Thriving in the Madness

15th Jun 2017

I have a confession to make. My life is not perfect. In fact, sometimes it is downright chaotic. In fact, I’m just going to come clean on a few things right here and right now. Here goes.1.)I left t … read more

The Bad Hair Day Blues

Posted by Martha Fouts on 15th May 2017

Grab a microphone and sing along if you know what it’s like to have the Bad Hair Day Blues! Maybe your alarm didn’t sound, or the humidity is 98% percent, Your bangs refused to lay downor your hair d … read more

The Mother's Day Letter - Chapter 1

8th May 2017

As a special Mother’s Day treat, I’d like to share the first chapter of my book, The Mother’s Day Letter, with you!  I hope you enjoy it, and remember to...“take a leap, let someone help you, s … read more


Posted by Martha Fouts on 4th May 2017

Every time my mom comes to visit she enters the door with brown paper grocery bags hanging from both arms, a 13x9 pan tucked into one arm, and she’s also got my dad loaded down with full sacks and r … read more