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The Bad Hair Day Blues

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Grab a microphone and sing along if you know what it’s like to have the Bad Hair Day Blues!

Maybe your alarm didn’t sound,

or the humidity is 98% percent,

Your bangs refused to lay down

or your hair dryer was on the fritz,

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason,

Even if your outfit’s on point from your dress to your shoes,

None of that matters when

You’ve got the Bad Hair Day Blues.

At first you try to fix it with all your hairstyle powers,

but then you realize the only thing you could do

would be to stick your head back in the shower,

and at that point there’s no time for a hairdo re-do,

Because you can’t be late one more time, your boss said.

So you grit your teeth and slap on extra lipstick,

Cause no matter how much you try to re-arrange that mess on your head,

you’ll just have to accept that today’s bad hair ain’t gonna change a lick.

So you ignore the out-of-place curl.

You try not to think about the frizz on the side of your face,

And your day goes okay, despite a few funny looks from that mean girl,

But you smile at her cause someday she’ll need some grace,

And you discover that even though your hair looks affright

You’re still pretty cute, and you’re still alright.

So, come on you gals with the not-so-perfect hair,

Let’s kick those blues to the curb,

Focus on what matters and set your mood straight.

Today can be great, even if your hair ain’t!

Martha Fouts is a pastor’s wife, mom, daughter, sister, teacher, friend, and author. Her husband of twenty-two years, Kevin Fouts, is the lead pastor of Discovery Church in Yukon, Oklahoma. Kevin and Martha are blessed with stinky socks, a huge grocery bill, a car filled with sports equipment, lots of noise, and everything else that life with three sons brings. She has written a young adult Christian fiction novel, Cool Springs Girls, and two women’s Christian novels, Whispers and Dreams and The Mother's Day Letter, and a women’s Bible study, How to Have a Drama-Free Life. She also writes an inspirational and humorous blog, Lovely and True on WordPress. Martha believes in the value of creating art that honors the Lord and that laughter and fun are greatly underrated.

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