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Shop One Faith Boutique clothing here! On this page you can browse all the shirts, dresses, and bottoms we currently have in stock, excluding our clearance items. We hope you’ll love the colors, prints, and trends we’ve hand-picked for you.

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You can easily find the styles we offer in your size by looking at the product name of a certain item. Most styles are available in sizes 4-12, 12-20, or 20 and up. In the left columns, you can filter by size brackets to find the ones that come in your ideal size!

There are many other ways to sort our boutique clothing and browse at your convenience: try organizing by Newest, Best Selling, or Reviews.

Our Sense of Style

We’re proud of our sense of style. While we do have subtle, earth-toned clothing such as khaki pants and plain comfy tee-shirts, what we really love are fun colors and prints, such as flowers and leopard print! Check out our clothing if you love to radiate fun, upbeat, positive energy. You’ll get a lot of compliments for wearing boutique clothing that differs completely from mainstream clothing.

We also offer a broad range of scripture and Christ-inspired tee-shirts and tops! We love showing our love of Christ through fashion, and this is just one of the ways we do it. Show your love for Him proudly in our cute Christ-inspired outfits!

Try Our Curated Fashion Boxes Too

Want more? Aside from picking out individual pieces of high-quality curvy clothing, we also love putting together cute outfits from individual items that we think look really good together. If you want our advice on some great ways to pair clothing together, then check out our Faith Fashion Boxes page for great boutique clothing outfits in every size.

Fashion With A Conscience

OFB is a boutique with a mission – to bless others through the sale of stylish women’s clothing! We try to do this in many ways. Firstly, we dress Christian women of all sizes in cute, feminine clothing. Secondly, we donate to organizations such as The American Bible Society and My Stuff Bags Organization, which provides necessities to children in foster care. To read more about these missions and our story, go to this page!

Got Questions Or Comments?

As you browse our boutique clothing, you may find yourself with questions or comments that you want to communicate to us. We’re proud to say that there are many ways for you to do so! Call us at the number at the bottom of the page or connect with us on our social media, including our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Reach out and connect with us today!