Flattering Skirts

Skirts are a very feminine type of clothing. They make your curves look marvelous and add a sense of grace to your walk. They’re also ultra fun to wear. If you’ve found yourself in a dancing kind of mood recently, then maybe it’s time to find yourself an exciting new skirt to wear! One Faith Boutique stocks medium-length and long skirts in gorgeous, unique colors and patterns. We think they’re lots of fun and we hope you do, too!

Figure-Flattering Skirts For Women Of All Sizes

OFB’s mission is to offer figure-flattering clothing for women sizes 4 and up. We think that there is a shortage of cute clothing available for curvy women, so we wanted to take action and bring great quality clothing to you. Pencil skirts and maxi skirts look fabulous on curvy women, so those styles make up most of our selection. Shop this selection knowing that we have hand-picked these products for you!

When you look for a flattering skirt, try searching by size: some of our skirts come in women’s sizes 4-12 and some come in sizes 12 and up. This way, you don’t have to sift through all of the products to find out if they come in your size or not.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Though OFB does appreciate the simplicity of dark, earthy, and neutral colors, we must say we prefer bursts of color and pretty patterns just a little more. We tend to hand-pick skirts that have attitude and vibrancy. We’ve stocked skirts with flower, tie-dye, and even mind-bending optical illusion prints on them. Longer skirts make for a canvas for more interesting patterns, and we love that about them.

How to Build an Outfit From a Skirt

Our vibrant and flattering skirts demand to be the center of attention, so pair them with simple shirts, shoes and jewelry to maintain balance. For a simple but fun day outfit, pair one of our bold skirts with a shirt that has a solid color. Wear either heels or flat sandals, as you prefer. This outfit is sure to make you look like an effortless fashionista!

You can also dress the outfit up by wearing the skirt with a cute blouse and statement jewelry or shoes, but keep it simple!

Browse Statement Skirts

This section is filled with fun, beautiful skirts, and we’re constantly looking for new designs to bring to you. Embrace your colorful side and try on some of the skirts that catch your eye, whether at our physical location in Yukon, Oklahoma or right here at our website! Meet your new favorite skirt today.