Trendy Curvy Dresses | Clearance Sizes 12 & Up

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The right dress will look oh-so feminine and flattering on you. We pick only trendy curvy dresses to sell on our site in order to help you find those dresses. The most important thing we look for in a piece of clothing is its ability to flatter a curvy woman well. All items on our site have passed that test! Make us your new destination for all things curvy fashion.

Check out all of our clearance curvy dresses for women size 12 & up here. Go to the main dresses page for many more great styles!

Look Cute, Feel Confident 

Dresses are great for heightening your confidence. They are by nature a little “fancier” than pants so you’ll have the added polish and grace that a dress brings. If you wear a dress you really like, you’ll carry yourself differently without even knowing it. Embrace that fancy feeling and be proud of your stylin’ outfit. You’ll be better equipped to do your best in the things that you care about, from managing your household to carrying out your worship!

Dress Up Or Dress Down 

Many of these trendy curvy dresses can be worn in both formal and casual settings. Mix and match these dresses with jewelry, shoes, outerwear, and makeup styles to create outfits for different settings. With these versatile dresses, you’ll be able to keep your dress collection minimal and still have a ready selection for all your commitments and occasions including church, family gatherings, and the workplace!

Share Your Dressy Fun! 

These dresses are so cute that it’s almost unbelievable how comfortable they can be. That feeling of skirts swirling around your hips is unmatched. Show us your dressy fun! Snap lots of flattering pics in your trendy curvy OFB dresses. Share on Instagram using #OFBStyle for a chance to win OFB Bucks.

Shop Cute Dresses 

The items on this page are offered at low prices because we need to make room for new fashions. We’re sad to see them go, but we’re excited to give you an opportunity to nab these cuties for less. Make this a chance to try something you wouldn’t normally try or had second thoughts about once before. Use it to find inspiration for new outfits you may want to try putting together. Clearance is a great excuse to have some fun!

Also, we want to say thank you for letting us share our love of fashion with you! We use it as a way to share our love of God and family, and are grateful for the privilege to do so. Check out our trendy curvy clearance dresses for women size 12 & up to find a great dress in your size.