Trendy Shift Dresses

Shift dresses, including the chic and casual tee-shirt dress, are making a comeback. Shift dresses first came to prominence in the 1920s when flappers wore short, sequined dresses that hung from the shoulders and allowed for dancing. And who can blame them? These dresses are both comfortable and cute.

Most modern shift dresses are relatively casual, but shift dresses made from fancier materials such as silk and velvet are great for more formal events as well! Take part in the shift dress revival by picking out a trendy shift dress that fits you like a glove.

Shift Dresses For Women of All Sizes

One Faith Boutique sees the beauty in all women. We are dedicated to providing clothing to real-life Christian women of all shapes and sizes. This includes curvier women, who often have a hard time finding truly fashionable clothing in their size.

Shift dresses are one of those styles that look good on women of all sizes. Rather than hide your shape, they can accentuate it by hugging your curves. When you shop our trendy shift dresses, you can filter by your size by looking at styles that are conveniently divided into sizes 4-12 and 12 and above.

So Many Styles!

The silhouette of the shift dress may be simple, but designers have found many ways to get creative and customize their designs. Because of this, shift dresses are one of the clothing styles with the most interesting colors and prints. Check out our gallery’s fun and very diverse shift dress selection and find out which ones suit your style the most!

How to Accessorize


Shift dresses are a popular style of casual dresses because they look effortless and can be slipped on easily. They also pair well with simple makeup and hair, such as a messy bun. On days when you expect to mostly stay in, a trendy shift dress can be your perfect lounge outfit that’s many steps above PJs. In the summer, stock up on shift dresses so that you don’t have to worry about picking out matching tops and bottoms.

If you love sneakers, then tee shirt shift dresses are your best friend! Sneakers and tee shirt dresses are the ultimate duo in terms of comfort.

Dressing Up

Shift dresses tend to have simple outlines. You can decide if you want to accessorize or if you just want to keep things simple and go accessory-free! Try pairing an elegant shift dress with dangly earrings – this is a positively gorgeous look.

Shift Dresses Are Fun!

OFB offers a selection of modest but fun and trendy shift dresses, in all sizes and colors. Browse it today and discover some very cute styles!