Just In

One Faith Boutique is a boutique specializing in clothing for curvy Christian women. We want to put a spotlight on what’s trending in curvy fashion so that we can cater to real women, who come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t settle for clothing that isn’t a perfect fit!

We divide our clothing into two main size categories: 4-12 and 12 and above. This should help you find products that are the perfect size for you. In our Just In category, you’ll find the newest in OFB’s clothing finds!

OFB’s Newest Fashion Finds

Our mission is to spread God’s love through our business. We are inspired by His word not only in our business model, which involves charitable donations to multiple entities, but also in selecting our new products. We are passionate about finding what’s trending in curvy fashion and collecting the most beautiful, flattering products available, so that you don’t have to.

We are excited about these new offerings, and we hope you are, too! These accessories, shoes and clothing were made for you. Wear them with confidence and elegance.

Your One-Stop Shop For All Seasons And Occasions

We stock weather-appropriate clothing according to the current season and we always make sure to stock clothing for all occasions, both formal and informal. This way, you should be able to finish all your seasonal clothes shopping with a one-stop visit to OFB, whether it’s our physical location in Yukon, Oklahoma or right here on our website. Whether it’s the warmest day of summer or the chilliest day of winter, we’ve got you covered. Who said shopping for new outfits had to be complicated?

More Ways To Be Trendy

OFB loves to help curvy Christian women dress with ease and grace. Keep an eye on what’s trending in curvy fashion by coming back to this page often. We also offer many other services that can help you maximize your shopping experience. These include:

  • Faith Fashion Boxes: discounted fashion boxes that include everything you need for an outfit that has been hand-selected and curated by us. Size-exclusive boxes are available.
  • T-Shirt of the Month Club: if you’re like us, then you feel like you can never have enough t-shirts. That’s why we’ve begun making our own monthly t-shirts featuring our favorite scriptures from the Bible. For only $22, join the club and discover a new favorite t-shirt every month!

We enjoy having fun with fashion, and we want to share our passion with you. Get up to date in what’s trending in curvy fashion by browsing our Just In collection for our latest finds!