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The clothes at One Faith Boutique are so cute that our owner, Lara, can’t resist taking some home for herself! With so much cute curvy and plus size clothing options to choose from, can you blame her? From tunics to ponchos to cardigans, Lara has lots of options from our curvy ladies’ boutique that she wants to share with you. Check out Lara’s Picks often as we update the page to reflect what Lara’s currently wearing.

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Lara is so excited about what we stock at One Faith Boutique, and if an item makes it into Lara’s Picks, you know it has to be extra special. Lara is a big fan of our range of tunics. They come in so many styles and patterns that it can be hard for her to choose a favorite! Her fashion choices reflect a variety of the clothes that we carry, so this is a good place to get a snapshot of what’s trending at One Faith Boutique.

If you like the cut of one of Lara’s Picks but want to see it in a different pattern, check out our clothing categories. In our curvy ladies’ boutique, we often carry items in a variety of different patterns and colors so that you can choose the one you like best.

We update our stock regularly as pieces sell out or we find something new and amazing. With that in mind, make sure you check back regularly to see what’s new and notable. Lara loves shopping our new arrivals!

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Lara, the founder of One Faith Boutique, is a Christian mother of four living in Oklahoma. She started this curvy ladies’ boutique with a core mission of spreading His word while helping as many people as possible, and what better way to do that then spreading her love of fashion at the same time? By shopping our affordable, on-trend clothing, you’re helping Lara fulfill her greater mission while getting cute plus size clothing to boot. If you want to learn more about Lara’s story, you can read it in full on Our Story page.

At One Faith Boutique, we’re all about practicing what we preach. We would never bring you items that we don’t love ourselves. By letting you into Lara’s closet, you get a chance to see how real Southern Christian women wear the styles we carry at our curvy ladies boutique. Every piece that we choose is something that we think is super cute and fashionable, so you can feel confident that you’re buying the latest and greatest in fashion.

While Lara thinks that all of the options at our curvy ladies boutique are fabulous, Lara’s Picks lets you get a look at her absolute must-have pieces. Shop all of Lara’s Picks today, but hurry — the cutest plus size clothing goes quickly!