Trendy Flats

Flats are a great type of shoe for women who do a good amount of standing or walking but don’t want to sacrifice their ability to wear cute shoes. This means flats are a wardrobe staple for moms, businesswomen, students, and other busy Christians. One Faith Boutique’s trendy flats are well-made and affordable. They’re the ideal companion for your busy, beautiful day!

Like all other OFB styles, the flats we carry were chosen with you in mind. We believe in the beauty of all women, and want you to feel like you can express your great sense of style!

Many Styles to Choose From

There is such a large variety of women’s shoes available on the market today. The sheer variety available can be both exciting and daunting. We at OFB have curated some of the best styles for you, so that you can compare a variety of them in one place. Our prices are so affordable, especially with discounts, that you may even be able to pick up several pairs!

We Love Colors and Patterns

Women’s flats tend to be a subtle black, navy, or nude in color. OFB’s style, on the other hand, is vivid colors and interesting patterns. We like the positivity and energy evoked by these exciting colors and styles. They help remind us of God’s many gifts.

If you’re the same as us, you’ll enjoy the way some our trendy flats are not afraid to draw attention to themselves. Why NOT add some extra oomph you your outfit? What’s more, the shoes are lots of fun to wear.

Styling Inspiration

Flats can be worn in either summer or spring/autumn weather. As part of a cold-weather outfit, they look best with skinny jeans or any other skinny pant. Roll the pant legs up a little to help the flats pop. As part of a warm-weather outfit, flats look very flattering when paired with knee-length skirts. Feel free to wear stockings under the skirt – flesh-colored works best!

Flats You Can Walk In

Our shoes are affordable but reliable. You may not be able to walk a marathon in these shoes, but you can definitely stand in line at Disneyland or go shopping downtown in them. Once you’ve broken them in, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to walk in our carefully-selected shoes!

Browse Comfortable, Cute Flats

Everyone’s shoe collection needs a few reliable, trendy flats. New shoes can give you the inspiration you need to create a whole host of new outfit options and refresh your wardrobe. Check back often for new additions, because we’re always adding new products. Reward yourself today - pick some of your favorites and make them your own before they’re gone!