Simple Sizing Tips


What is quite possibly one of the biggest let downs there is as a woman? Falling in love with the perfect addition to your wardrobe from your favorite online shop, only to have it delivered and find out that IT. DOESN'T. FIT. Chances are, you had already planned out when you were going to wear that item, and now you have to send it back. On top of having to find something else to wear!!! Ugh, the worst. Well, we have some tips on how to avoid that moment!

1. Many retailers have accurate sizing charts, however EVERY garment is different. Some garments that may be from the exact same manufacturer, may also be the same size, and fit completely different because that item is intended to be flowy, or form fitting, or somewhere in between. It is always a good idea to check out how the piece of clothing seems to fit the model. Form fitting and snug? Slightly oversized and loose? This will help you determine what size to buy, if you are between sizes or if you're going for a certain fit. 

2. You'll want to check out the sizing chart, which we're certain most of you do already! However, you'll want to make sure you compare YOUR measurements to the measurements listed under the letter or number sizes. You'll especially want to do this when shopping at new places! Boutiques (like us!) and other retailers can have MANY different manufacturers, and try very hard to keep consistent, up-to-date measurements on their size charts for their customers.

While many of you may already be up to speed on how to take your personal measurements, we discovered that quite a few of us at OFB were doing it incorrectly. So we wanted to show you detailed steps of how to measure yourself with correct placement of your measuring tape!

3. To start off, let us say it is best to have someone else measure you, but we'll demonstrate how to get the job done on your own! Start with your bust, and measure around the fullest part. Try not to wear undergarments with too much padding to ensure you get an accurate measurement. 
Always make sure your measuring tape is horizontal/parallel with the floor when measuring your bust, waist, and hips.

4. For your waist, make sure you are measuring the circumference around your natural waistline. This is different for everyone, and could be higher or lower depending on your body type. This is almost always the thinnest part of your torso.

5. When measuring your hips, it is best to not take the measurement over your clothing (contrary to our photo below!). You should be measuring the place where you hips are the fullest, usually with the tape crossing the outermost point of your bum. Again, you'll want to make sure the measuring tape is level with the floor for this measurement.

6. Many retailers are unclear of which part of the arm they reference in their size charts, but we have found that most of them are referring to the bicep. You should be measuring the circumference of your upper arm, approximately four inches above the inside of your elbow joint.

7. Your thigh measurement should be taken around the fullest part of your thigh. It is possible that this measurement could differ ever so slightly on each leg, so if you deem it necessary, you may want to measure the circumference of both thighs.

8. When measuring your inseam, you will want to start the measuring tape at the very top of your inner thigh, and run it to your ankle. This is your true inseam. However, you may want to measure a longer inseam if you choose to wear longer pants or want to cuff the hems of them, etc.

We just have a few more tips!

9. Always use a cloth or flexible measuring tape, opposed to a metal one, for the most accurate measurements.

10. Do not 'suck in' to get a slimmer measurement, as you want it to reflect your true size.

11. Pull the tape so it is snug, but not overly tight against you.

12. One VERY important thing to remember when buying boutique clothing... it's typically not "women's sizing" but "misses sizing". This can be very confusing to department store shoppers, so we recommend you visit our Sizing Chart to understand how misses clothing is sized. It will help you avoid ordering a dress or top online, only to be disappointed when you realize it doesn't fit.

We hope that you'll find this information useful! We know how stressful online shopping can be at times, and we want you to have the most positive shopping experience possible, no matter where you're ordering from! Have a wonderful, blessed week, ladies!