Sizes 12-20

Faith Fashion Boxes | Sizes 12-20

Welcome to our collection of faith fashion boxes for women who wear sizes 12-20! If you wear clothing in one of these sizes, then the outfits on this page were hand-curated for your figure.

Pre-Curated Fashions

Though we at One Faith Boutique understand the joy of putting together great outfits all on our own, we also like it when a friend with a different point of view in fashion chooses an interesting outfit for us that makes us go “That’s the one!” Let us be that friend for you.

Browse our special collection of pre-existing faith fashion boxes, or subscribe to our monthly fashion box to make it more of a surprise. You’ll get an entire outfit, every month! Some of these fashion boxes come with accessories such as jewelry and bags, so this is the perfect way to get new, complete outfits!

Great Clothes, Great Value

When you buy our clothes in the form of faith fashion boxes or monthly fashion boxes, you are taking an active step to save money because all our pre-curated outfits are sold at lower prices than the total price of individual sale. We do this because these clothes belong together, so we really want them to be worn together!

Beauty With Curvy Figures In Mind

It takes a little work to create an outfit that truly flatters your body, no matter what your shape is. Since OFB focuses on curvy women’s fashion, we have a good understanding of what clothes to pair together to flatter a curvy figure. We keep these considerations in mind when putting together our faith fashion boxes and monthly fashion boxes.

For example, we know that tunics are best paired with cute leggings or slimming pants. We also coordinate colors with a trained and loving eye, pairing tops and bottoms in exciting ways that you may not normally expect. We also love jewelry, so we like to include an eye-catching jewelry piece or two in most of our outfits.

Embrace Cute, Individualistic Style!

OFB’s signature style is colorful, cute and individualistic. If that describes your fashion sense too, then you’ll have lots of fun with our faith fashion boxes and monthly fashion boxes. You can feel good while doing so, too, because these prices are unbeatable and won’t break your bank. What’s more, a portion of your proceeds will go to charities that you can read more about here.

Check out our top fashion picks below. We update regularly, so check back often! Let us know what you think of our picks or show us your own OFB outfits via Facebook or Twitter!