Sizes 4-12

Faith Fashion Boxes | Sizes 4-12

Welcome to One Faith Boutique’s page of faith fashion boxes for women who wear sizes 4-12. We’ve simplified the shopping process and made it more fun by curating special complete outfits for you. These outfits are made up of our cutest individual items and are sold at discount prices. Sometimes they include jewelry and/or bags. What more could a girl ask for?

Try some of our outfits out! If you love ‘em, subscribe to one of our monthly fashion subscription boxes for an exciting monthly fashion surprise!

Outfits For All Occasions and Tastes

In this section, you’ll find outfits that have been put together from individual pieces that we thought would go well together. If you love cute, colorful feminine clothes, then you’ll really dig these outfits!

There is a diverse range of outfits, from casual to party-ready. We also run the gamut of fashion styles, from tomboyish to ultra-feminine, from bohemian to classic, from girly to mature. If you love every style or haven’t found your personal style quite yet, then consider our fashion subscription boxes, which will bring you a whole new outfit every month. That’s a lot to be excited about!

Bundles Of Fun

On this page you’ll also find bundles, which are multiple items of the same type, be it tunics, leggings, or tee-shirts. We bundle these clothes because we know that sometimes, rather than just needing one item of a certain type of clothing, we need multiple to replenish our closets. For example, in colder weather, you might want to wear fleece leggings under any pants or dresses that you wear. In that case, our amazingly-priced legging bundles will serve you well.

If you love the idea of these bundles and outfits, then check out our fashion subscription boxes and our T-Shirt of the Month Club!

Flaunt Your Curves

We are a boutique that is focused entirely on curvy women’s styles. That’s right, we take care of you! We do this because our founder, Lara, realized that there was a deficiency in what the fashion industry was offering to real women with real bodies. When you shop these outfits, you can feel confident that what you see will fit according to size and will suit your curves well. You’ve been blessed with feminine curves, so don’t hide them!

Explore Colorful and Individualistic Fashion!

When we choose clothing, we choose items that vary in color, material, and design. We like variation because to us, it is the best way to express ourselves. Try out our faith fashion boxes and fashion subscription boxes to join us in self-expression, then share with us using the hashtag #OFBStyle!