Sizes 4-12

Fashion On Sale | Sizes 4-12 Clearance

One Faith Boutique clothing is always cute and always fairly priced. In our clearance sections we further reduce those prices. Our fashion on sale brings styles from older seasons to you for unbelievable prices in order to create room for new items, which we introduce often. Variety is the spice of life, after all! Find clothing in sizes 4-12 here.

Curvy Fashion is Our Passion

OFB is dedicated to discovering and providing beautiful clothes for all seasons, for curvy women sizes 4 and up. That’s right, women with beautiful shapely figures take center stage here! When we look for new items to stock we search specifically for clothing that flatters curves and creates mesmerizing silhouettes. Stay tuned for more new fashion, including new fashion on sale!

Whether it’s warm or cold outside, there are certain clothes you can wear that will really bring out your best! Find out what those clothes are through experimentation and by figuring out yourclothing size. 

Serving Christ Through Fashion

We at OFB are also fully dedicated to serving Christ in all areas of our lives, including business. One way that we do that is by stocking great scripture tees that will help you display your love for Him. Check out our fashion on sale to see if there are any available here! 

We also work to bless others through our clothing business. That’s why we’re involved inseveral philanthropy programs including donating Bibles and school supplies to those in need. When you shop at OFB, you help us help others.

Brighten Up Your Day With Clearance!

Shopping clearance clothing is a great way to give yourself a quick pick-me-up. These prices are so cheap and these styles so cute that we’re sure you’ll find something in here that you’ll want to try. There’ll be no reason not to with these drastically reduced prices.

The best reason to buy fashion on sale is to diversify your closet with pieces you may not have bought at full price! OFB is a big fan of variety so we love clearance fashion. Let your fashion instincts take over as you browse this section of brand new clearance items size 4-12. You’ll be glad you did!

No Need To Break The Bank

It can be so hard to find frugal fashions these days, yet frugality is so important to our faith. We are dedicated to bringing you items that make you feel great without breaking the bank. It shouldn’t be impossible to build a fun and diverse closet while staying on a budget. Our clearance section is just another way we make that possible for you.

Shop Fashion on Sale

This collection is dedicated entirely to clearance clothing in sizes 4-12. If you wear one of those sizes, then get ready to have some fun. Buy some basics, some pieces in your signature style, or something entirely new to expand your fashion possibilities!