Clearance Tops | Sizes 12 & Up

Welcome to the One Faith Boutique clearance page for women’s tops sizes 12 and up! Here, you’ll find our current boutique tops that are on sale right now. As the seasons change and we add new styles to our site, we need to cycle out some of our older ones to make room. You’ll find those older styles here!

These clothes are of the same good quality in design and and materials as the items on the rest of the site, but at a very reduced price! Come back regularly as we frequently add items to the page.

All About Tops

What’s your favorite kind of top? The fact that tops come in so many materials, shapes, colors, and prints makes them very fun to shop for. A good, stylish top will go a long way for your wardrobe. We all know that one of the most low-hassle outfits we can wear is a pair of jeans paired with a good shirt.

Curvy Clothing Is Our Passion

Like the rest of OFB’s store, this section of clearance tops sizes 12 and up is meant for beautiful curvy women. Curvy clothing became our passion when we realized that many women feel like they do not have enough of a selection to choose from when they shop for clothes. Their sizes just aren’t represented by mainstream clothing companies. Our founder, Lara, set out to change that.

We hope to offer you the complete shopping experience that you deserve, and we know that clearance items are part of the experience! We’re constantly updating this page with new products, so check often to find out what new boutique tops are on sale!

Flatter Your Unique Shape

There are so many kinds of tops available on OFB, and some of them were positively made for you! Every body shape, including yours, has a few ideal tops. Don’t stop until you’ve found yours!

A Colorful Sense of Style

Once you’ve found the type of top that suits you best, you’ll have so many options to choose from in terms of color and pattern. OFB stocks colors, patterns, and materials of all kinds. Our favorite designs are those that are colorful and cute. This means we love things like leopard prints, hearts, and vivid patterns. We also love our scripture tee-shirts, which combine our passion for fashion with our love for God!

Shop Cute Tops!

On these pages, maybe you’ll find a top you feel an instant connection to. Take a look and find out!